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rainbows make me go bleh on to pplz for happiness


IA4: Buck Edition: Final Battle
"Look, land!" Manny yelled.
"We're almost home!" Sid cheered.
"And we should be at the land bridge, which means we'll find Ellie and Peaches."
Their ice flow slowly drifted closer, hitting a patch of fog along the way.
"I hope they reached the bridge alright, it was a pretty long way to travel." Diego stated.
"I'm sure they're fine, right Manny?" Sid asked.
"I hope they didn't have any accidents. Do you think something went wrong? What if they broke a bone or something?" Manny mumbled.
"Relax, I'm sure they're fine-"
They all went silent when they spotted the remains of the land bridge in the water.
"Oh no…" Diego murmured.
"The land bridge…it's gone!" Sid exclaimed.
"It can't be gone. What about Ellie and Peaches? Ellie! Peaches!" Manny yelled, looking around frantically for any sign of the two.
"Manny…I'm sorry but…I don't think they're here." Diego said.
"But they have to be! Ellie, Peaches! Ellie!"
As he was yelling, he thought he faintly heard a voice yelling b
:iconshadowfangirl15:Shadowfangirl15 30 21
IA4: Buck Edition: Disaster Strikes
The next day, after some breakfast and a head count, the herd of animals set out. Buck was in back with Crash, Eddie, and Louis, trying to keep the two possum twins from wandering too far from the herd.
"Fire when ready!" Crash yelled.
Buck released his hold on a vine that was holding a thin dead tree, and Crash and Eddie flew forward, hit another tree, which bent a little, and sent them back in the direction they'd come from. They smacked into the wall of rock that was driving the herd forward, and then slid to the ground. Seconds later, they jumped to their feet, laughing ecstatically, while Buck and Louis watched them.
Louis stared at them for a minute, before approaching.
"Can I ask you guys something? How is that even with the continent breaking apart, you can manage to stay happy?" he asked.
Crash looked at Eddie.
"Can we tell him our secret?"
Eddie looked thoughtful, before silently nodding. Crash turned back to Louis and Buck.
"We're very, very, stupid."
Louis stared at them, w
:iconshadowfangirl15:Shadowfangirl15 32 5
IA4: Buck Edition 2: Buck's Story
Buck squinted a little as he climbed out of the large hole caused by the earthquake. The direct sunlight was almost blinding, and it also bounced off the snow on the ground.
He looked around at the scenery, slightly taken aback by the snow and sky. There wasn't much snow underground; it was always too warm for that. And there wasn't much of a sky either; all you could see looking up on a clear day was the ice ceiling. It was also extremely quieter than below in the Lost World.
"Whoa…it's really been a long time since I was up here…" he remarked.
He could recall at least a little greenery when he'd last seen the above world. Of course, that was about 18 years ago when he'd fallen through some thin ice.
As he was walking around the area, he heard voices. He followed them, and came to a small hill. Below, there was a large group of various animals. Most of them were freaking out about what just happened. Only one voice was trying to calm them all down, and it belonged to a very
:iconshadowfangirl15:Shadowfangirl15 19 1
Ice Age 4: Buck Edition: Chaos in the Lost World
Alright, so as we all know, Buck was not included as a main character in Ice Age 4. So, I decided to make my own Ice Age story. Now, seeing as Buck will be a central character in this story, the majority of this story will be about the animals on the continent. Manny and the others will come in later, as well as another favorite character of mine…anyway, enjoy!
Buck woke up to the regular sounds of screeching and roaring in the dino world. He stood, and stretched in the small hole of the tree he'd slept in last night. Grabbing his knife, he walked up to the entrance, and observed the morning life of the dinosaurs.
The sun was shining through the ice above, a few giant butterflies fluttered through the air, and pterodactyls screeched as they either returned to or left their nests.
"Ahh, another beautiful day in deadly paradise." He sighed.
With that, he leapt from the tree, grabbing a vine on
:iconshadowfangirl15:Shadowfangirl15 26 5
Buck by keyace Buck :iconkeyace:keyace 29 10 Breath of the Wild by RoyalNoir Breath of the Wild :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 6,869 214 Birthday Drawing for SapphireWeasel25 :) by Fester1124 Birthday Drawing for SapphireWeasel25 :) :iconfester1124:Fester1124 2 2 Birthday gift/request by Tsuenica Birthday gift/request :icontsuenica:Tsuenica 4 0 Late birthday gify for sapphireweasel25 by Frigg-Fluff Late birthday gify for sapphireweasel25 :iconfrigg-fluff:Frigg-Fluff 17 8 Day 699. #boxtrolls @Sketch_Dailies by Cryptid-Creations Day 699. #boxtrolls @Sketch_Dailies :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,850 88 I Had To. by spookydoom I Had To. :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 371 34 WCD - Feverish by spookydoom
Mature content
WCD - Feverish :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 122 9
Deertaur!Dip by spookydoom Deertaur!Dip :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 522 23 K H O S by spookydoom K H O S :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 382 16 my Gravity Falls OC by CherryVioletS my Gravity Falls OC :iconcherryviolets:CherryVioletS 1,097 126 Chatterbugs by koyamori Chatterbugs :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,155 0




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Hey Sapphy! The names Kate the Great, and boy am I glad to have found you! Ya see, I'm a bit of a fanfic writer for a few stories and I'm now currently trying to work on a Gravity Falls fanfic. Now for a lot of my fanfics I have a few good friends on here who illustrate scenes for my stories to help make them "come to life and feel more magical" as I like to put it. And while I was browsing some Gravity Falls artwork of my favorite character Bill Cipher, I came acrossed your human version of him and immediately fell in love with it. Eventually in my story I somehow end up getting into trouble with Bill who has come back for revenge on the Pines family and later on into it I help him gain a human form. Now I've seen a lot of human Bills on here, but yours has somehow managed to capture my attention the most. Especially with that Mohawk he's rocking. It makes me think of Maurice from Little Monsters. So I wondering, if your interested that is, if you would become my Gravity Falls illustrator for my story. I can't pay you, but I'm a real patient and easy going person who loves amazing artwork and artists like you. Plus I'm super fun to have as a friend. If you're interested in this position, just leave a comment on my page or a note to let me know and we can work things out from there. Also if ya want to read the GF story, here's a link to my fanfiction page.…

The story is titled "Of Emerald Eyes and Bowties: A Gravity Falls Story" and for two reasons. One, I have hazel eyes that glow and shine like emeralds (Also it's my birthstone), and two, well, ya know, Bill's bowtie of course. Hope ya like this and what I write in the chapters to come and hope to hear from ya soon. 
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